The future of wound healing.

Every year, chronic and non-healing wounds cost the U.S. healthcare system over $33 billion and lead to 82,000 amputations annually. Noxsano’s proprietary wound dressing enables generation and real-time control of the biological messengers essential to the wound healing process, creating the new standard in wound care.

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Noxsano: Advanced Wound Therapy

Noxsano is a wound care company dedicated to developing medical dressings that deliver bio-signaling molecules to enable effective treatment of acute and chronic wounds. Noxsano’s patent pending technology has been shown in pre-clinical testing to restore normal wound healing to ischemic (chronic) wounds and accelerate the healing of acute and burn wounds

A rapidly emerging market

Chronic wound healing has become a major public health challenge, sustained by the limited effectiveness of current standard of care practices.

Experts in healthcare technology

Developed by a team of experts and tested at The Ohio State University Medical Center, Noxsano was conceived by R&D leaders and consumer product development specialists with deep roots in product innovation.

Transforming healing through biosignals

Noxsano’s technology harnesses the controlled generation of nitric oxide to restore normal wound healing, eliminating the need for ineffective standard of care processes and complex, expensive advanced wound treatments.

A future of growth

The struggle to administer effective wound care to patients is a longstanding challenge for healthcare providers. Noxsano’s wound dressing therapy seeks to deliver a simple treatment option that can be easily utilized by physicians and patients alike. Ease of use will help increase the rates of patient compliance, leading to increased positive patient outcomes.

Our Team

Alan Willey PhD,

A proven innovator, Alan spent 26 years at P&G leading an upstream R&D group focused on the development of energy-activated chemical technologies. He holds more than 100 patents.

Jacob Adams PhD,

Jacob has spent the past eight years as a scientist developing activated technologies providing point-of-use benefits to consumers.

Stevan Samuel PhD,

Stevan has extensive experience in product development with two years in product development at P&G and five years utilizing open innovation and lean startup principles to help Fortune 500 companies build scaleable businesses.

Ray Shealy,

Ray is a successful operator, investor and board member of a number of healthcare and technology-based companies. Adept at helping companies grow exponentially by focusing on strategy, innovation and execution.

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